by Daniel Jay Paul

Released 2008
Sunlight Communication Arts
Released 2008
Sunlight Communication Arts
Traditional Rock n' Roll
Who can explain the power of music?
It can move us to tears or uncover a smile.
It can inspire us, free us to dream,
or remind us of our first date.
It can lift us out of depression when nothing else can.
It can connect us, like a golden thread across the miles.
- Daniel Jay Paul

“Songwriter” is the second album of original songs by Daniel Jay Paul, the author of the romantic novel “The Last Sunset”.
“Songwriter” takes us on a journey
through the entire spectrum that is music,
from the heights of aspiration to the depths of unrequited love.

Familiar themes of lost love found on his first album (Once Upon A Time, 2000) are joined here by philosophical statements such as “Find Your Wings” which Daniel attributes to his addiction to the “Dr. Robin Show’ on the XM Radio Network Oprah and Friends. One could take the leadoff song “Wild Is The Night” as a proclamation by the next rock messiah until one hears the self-doubt underlying songs such as “Midnight Sky”.

“Someday I’m Going Home”, featuring singer Sean Scully of the band Vagabond, was written in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina during a trip to Baton Rouge, LA, the city of first refuge for those fleeing the disaster in New Orleans.
Daniel Jay Paul is a musical artist who has embraced portable digital technology, bringing his brand of independent music out of the garage and into the living room, the hotel lobby, and even the club after hours, resulting in a peppering of his music with the ambient sounds of his world from children’s giggles to hotel maids turning on their vacuums.

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